ABC Animal Training

ABC Animal Training is now at Gulf World


Location: Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery, Panama City Beach, FL, USA

For more information, please visit and email Shelley Wood at [email protected]

Jump start your marine mammal trainer career at Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery. ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy is now in Florida at Gulf World. Work alongside Professional Trainers with four species of marine animals in this 10-day hands-on dolphin training workshop.

Gulf World is home to a large variety of marine mammals. ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy students will learn not only from the resident two species of dolphins (Atlantic bottlenose and Rough-toothed) and sea lions but also be able to practice training techniques with harbor seals, sharks, stingrays, penguins, flamingos, and rescued sea turtles. If the nine species of marine animals isn’t enough for our students to learn, we also will have plenty of fun and opportunities to improve training skills with the varying animals of the Feather and Friends show, that means, crows, parrots, macaws, dogs, cats, and other animals as well.

Workshop includes:

  • Receive personalized small-group in-water training.
  • Understand the science and practical application of operant conditioning.
  • Prepare yourself for job interviews.
  • Create a competitive animal training resume.
  • Learn to become a successful team member.
  • ABC Animal Training DVD and study guide.
  • Swim with Dolphin experience
  • Behind the scenes access to Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery
  • Certificate of Completion

Spaces fill quickly, Register by email:

Shelley Wood, Director
Email: [email protected]