Field Trips

Gulf World Marine Park Field Trips!

Take a trip out of your classroom and into ours during a field trip to Gulf World Marine Park!

Field trip rates are available after labor day weekend through week before memorial day.

During your time at Gulf World, your group will encounter exciting animals from around the world, including dolphins, sea lions, alligators, sharks, penguins and tropical birds. Through experiential learning and up-close animal interactions, students will discover the importance of the ocean’s fragile ecosystem—as well as ways to protect the environment in their everyday lives.

Here at the park, we also realize the emphasis teachers place on state educational standards. To help with curriculum planning, therefore, we have created many helpful activities, games and lesson plans to assist teachers in the classroom—before, during, and after a field trip to Gulf World.

For more information on field trip opportunities and educational material, please contact us at [email protected]