VIP Sea Life Experience

VIP Sea Life Experience

Gulfworld - Upgrade Your Experience with VIP SEA LIFE. Pick 1: Bottlenose Dolphin Meet N Greet, Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Swim Adventure, or Dolphin Royal Swim. Pick 2: Sea Lion Meet N Greet, Penguin Encounter, Rough-Toothed Dolphin Meet N Greet, Stingray Snorkel, Sea Lion Encounter, or Harbor Seal Encounter. Lunch and photos included. Package Price: $299 USD.


The choice of 3 programs (only one bottlenose program) plus lunch and photos for $300.

Interact with three different species, enjoy the shows and exhibits and have an experience of a lifetime at Gulf World in Panama City Beach!

Height/Age requirements vary by program. To learn more about the specific programs click on the links below.


Bottlenose Meet N Greet

Royal Swim

Swim Adventure

Dolphin Encounter

Sea Lion Meet N Greet

Rough-toothed Dolphin Meet N Greet

Stingray Snorkel

Sea Lion Encounter

Harbor Seal Encounter


Fill out the form below to book this special program. This program is available 7 days a week rain or shine with limited spaces. This program is not eligible for additional discounts.

Bottlenose Meet N GreetRoyal SwimSwim AdventureDolphin EncounterSea Lion Meet N GreetRough-toothed Dolphin Meet N GreetStingray SnorkelSea Lion EncounterHarbor Seal Encounter